About Doug Mays


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Political correctness is destroying America.

In Kansas, we tell it like it is. To solve problems, we need leaders willing to say what is true, and do what is right. But somewhere along the way politicians in Washington forgot.

It’s time to stand up to the politically correct crowd here and in Washington.

Here’s a few things you can’t say in Washington, but we all know in Kansas:

1. A nation without borders is a nation without law.

It’s time to secure our borders, and prosecute and deport dangerous illegal immigrants who are making out country less safe. It’s not PC to say it. It’s just common sense.

2. It’s time to take on the bullies and the special interests in both parties to get things done.

As Speaker of the Kansas House, I brought Republicans together to balance the budget, to fund our schools and all without having to raise taxes. I did it by being honest about our challenges, and our goals. I can bring people together and break the gridlock to achieve conservative results.

3. We must return to the framework of our constitution.

It’s “We the people” not “We from Washington”. Let’s return to making more decisions locally and get the federal government out of ours farms, our businesses, and our lives.

4. Our farm economy is struggling. And Washington has been making it worse.

We need a congressman who will fight to roll back these dangerous Obama regulations forced on our communities and farms by uninformed, liberal DC politicians.

Political campaigns these days are full of pretty pictures, flattering poses, and perfect hair. All crafted by consultants from Washington.

We don’t need more flashy political campaigns. We need a congressman who will stand up and tell the truth in defense of our way of life. And leave the political correctness behind.

That is my promise, and I’m asking for your vote in the Republican primary, for Congress.

Thank you,

Doug Mays
Kansas Speaker of the House, 2003-2007